At Clear Optometry in Bargara we have a range of frames that look great,  frames that feel comfortable and frames that you’ll love to put on your face.  Whether you’re after a new look, need some rugged frames to suit your lifestyle, or just feel like it’s time for a change, at Clear Optometry we have the frame for you.

We’ve scoured the ranges of the world’s leading frame companies to only bring you models that are both high quality and great value.  Whatever your budget we have frames to suit you, and all with the security of a 2 year guarantee.

Women's Frames

Featuring brands such as Guess, Calvin Klein, Koali and Jonathan Sceats our women’s frame range covers the whole spectrum from sensible to sensational.  Many of our customers have commented that we have models and designs that they haven’t seen elsewhere.

Men's Frames

From our almost indestructible Flexon frames through to the light-as-a-feather Airlock rimless range and the great looking models from Nautica, Rodenstock and Seiko, men are also spoilt for choice at Clear Optometry.

Children's Frames

From toddlers to teenagers, at Clear Optometry, we have eyewear for the younger members of the family covered.  Kids' active lifestyles mean that their glasses need to be hard-wearing but still comfortable, and of course these days they need to look good as well.  Frames from ranges including Adidas, X-Games, Disney and Ted Baker tick all the boxes, and at a great range of prices.


Our Australian climate makes for a great lifestyle but can also be harsh on our eyes. Conditions such as cataracts, pterygia and macular degeneration can all be brought on or made worse by UV exposure, which means a quality pair of sunglasses should be an essential part of your everyday life. Sunglasses reduce glare to make your vision comfortable on even the brightest day, and of course they can look great as well.

Maui Jim

See better. See brilliance. The difference is impossible to miss. Put on a pair of Maui Jims and instantly, glare is gone. UV rays that can damage your eyes are gone. See the world more clearly and in true colour with Maui Jim’s range of leading polarised lenses. See less distortion and optically correct vision through Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus®2 Lens Technology. Maui Jim sunglasses are available with prescription lenses.

Bill Bass

Designed and handcrafted to encapsulate an Italian style in both acetate and metal designs, representing quality at an affordable price. Bill Bass sunglasses use high quality lenses that will protect the wearer from the harsh environment with 100% UV protection. Available with prescription lenses.

Cancer Council range

With 100% UV protection, polarised lenses, comfortable frames and great pricing, our Cancer Council range has a wide variety of options for ladies, men and kids. It also includes the Coverspecs range which can be worn over prescription glasses.

In addition to the above ranges, you'll also find quality sunglasses from, Nautica, Nike, Jag and designer labels such as Prego and Monkey Eyewear.


Spectacle lenses are your window to the world. Whether you’re driving, reading, using the computer, fishing, playing sport, sewing, painting or performing any other of a thousand possible tasks, the right lenses are vital to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. At Clear Optometry, we only provide the highest quality, aberration-free lenses from renowned companies such as Carl Zeiss and Essilor, to provide the crystal clear, pinpoint clarity that you and your eyes deserve.

Lens Options

There are a multitude of different types of lenses available these days, so much so that the options can seem confusing. At Clear Optometry, we’ll recommend the most appropriate vision solution for your lifestyle.


As we get a little older our eyes become less able to adjust between different distances. Progressive lenses are designed to help restore this ability, providing clear vision from near to far and everywhere in between. Progressives are ideal if you have trouble seeing multiple distances, but even if you only have trouble with one distance, such as reading, then progressives can still be a great option as they provide the convenience of not having to continually take your glasses on and off. Progressive lenses designs are always improving and at Clear Optometry we only use modern freeform designs, which provide wider fields of view and are easier to get used to than the older conventional designs you may find elsewhere.

Extended Focus

Extended focus lenses are a special kind of progressive lense that are designed to provide clear vision for both close and intermediate distances. They are often used in office situations where the main tasks are reading, paperwork and computer use. They provided the ease of using reading glasses, but with convenience of seeing a little further.


Like progressive lenses, bifocals provide clear vision at both near and far distances, however bifocals don’t allow for intermediate (arms-length) vision. Bifocals have the advantage of simplicity – there are only two zones to use and both provide large fields of view however the lack of mid-range vision means they may not be the best options for tasks such as computer use.

Single Vision Lenses

The simplest lens option of all, single vision lenses contain only one power and are often used for specific purposes such as reading, computer use, music or driving.

Lens Add-ons


Transitions lenses are triggered by UV light and automatically darken when you are outdoors to help shield your eyes from harmful rays. Virtually all of our lens options are available in Transitions.


Adding a multi-coat to your lenses virtually eliminates reflections, enhancing your vision in all situations, particularly for computer use and night driving. At Clear Optometry, we only use modern high-tech multi-coats such Lotutec by Carl Zeiss, which are crystal clear, durable and easy to clean.


Polarised lenses provide the ultimate in glare protection for maximum comfort and vision under the harsh Australian sun. For driving, for fishing, for skiing, for watersports - whatever the task, if glare is a problem, polarisation is the answer. Available in progressive, bifocal and single vision lenses.