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Use your benefits, to your benefit by Dec 31.

Use your benefits, to your benefit by Dec 31.

We're here to help you use your optical benefits, to your benefit before they expire on Dec 31.  Plus, when you could score a handy spare pair for free.*

How?  By identifying eyewear that will help improve specific aspects of your life.  Like work, digital use, outdoors, sports and more.  We use our eyes for a wide variety of tasks every day.  One pair won't do it all.

Could one of these be a smart use of your benefits?

Digital Eyewear
Spend more than 2 hours per day hours on digital devices? Experience neck & shoulder pain, headaches or tired, itchy eyes? Relax and protect your eyes from digital eye strain with dedicated digital eyewear.

Prescription Sunglasses

Experience crisp vision, reduced glare and UV protection. Sunglasses in your prescription are no longer an indulgence; they’re a necessity for glasses wearers. Ask us about polarisation for an even better result. You’ll never look back!

Contact Lenses

Don’t let glasses get in your way. Enjoy the freedom, comfort and convenience of contact lenses (and they come in multifocals!). The latest contact lens technologies open up a world of possibilities and can be worn by just about everybody.

Sports Eyewear

Whether you're a casual golfer, a keen bowler or are an elite athlete, sports specific eyewear can enhance your performance and comfort, whilst protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays and injury.

Reading Glasses

Wear multifocal glasses and enjoy reading and other close-work? A specific pair of reading glasses will provide clear, uninterrupted vision for these activities.

Social/Occasion Glasses

You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, so why would you wear the same pair of glasses? Consider a conservative style for work, a bolder, colourful design for casual wear and something more elegant for formal occasions.

Don’t settle for just another pair of glasses, for the sake of it.

Come in before December 31 and with our expertise, we’ll recommend the smartest eyewear investment for you and your life.


*Free pair available for purchases over $350.  Selected frames, single vision hard coat only, must be to same prescription as first pair and ordered at the same time.  Not valid with any other discount or offer.  Terms and conditions apply.